Thursday, June 16, 2011

Turquoise and Teal (The Way Hair Should Be)

So, I just bought some teal hair dye. I used to be wild and crazy with my hair because hey - it's just hair - it grows back and is easily changeable. But, I put a stop to my almost 10 year dyeing spree when I was 22 due to 1) sheer laziness, 2) having a real job. 

But, the urge has reemerged.

Of course - the laziness, as far as hair stuff goes, is still ever present so I will definitely being doing a dip dye (a la photo 5) but I must say I am really excited to dive back into the weird world of color. 

It's crazy how once you start following your passion in one area (for me, my job) others seem to follow. Suddenly you don't care if you are the only one who likes your hair. You were the only one it was ever supposed to matter to anyway.

all images via: FYCH


Anonymous said...

Weeee! I can't wait to see :) I bet you'll look fantastic!

claudiahays said...

I demand pictures.

KymSpins said...

Well, since it's me pictures are pretty much a given. I hope it comes soooon can't wait for all the crazy hair experimentations!

claudiahays said...

before hooppath, mayhaps?

KymSpins said...

I can HOPE!!! I am desperately hoping that it arrives this week so i can rock out the mad teal