My reflections on the 30 Day Hoop Challenge. Each day a new picture, a new entry. This is going to be a fast month.

Day Thirty

Day Twenty Nine
I am a little bit sad that the end is nigh. Today was a wonderful hoop day - the cold weather kept me in layers or inside - but that was okay. I cleared all the furniture away and just went for it. It was time to forget the camera, forget the choreography (which, I think I would have done anyway) and just go for it. 
Total blast.

Day Twenty Eight
Hooped non stop. Kept trying to get the "perfect" video. I have to stop setting my standards at "perfect" or "failure."

Day Twenty Seven
Definitely the hardest hoop day I've had. The late night prior had me operating on 3 1/2 hours of sleep. That, along with the food coma I managed to put myself in by the end of the night did not make hooping sound too awesome...
But! I did it anyway! In my house, late at night and in my PJs - but it got done!

Day Twenty Six
Hoooooraaaaay the long black dress I have been looking for forever is finally mine! Thanks Target. I also "invested" in eight pair of new tights - I have no idea where I think I am getting this money from. But, I must say that you can really affect your practice just by spiffy-ing up a bit. It's like having a new persona each time you move. Lots of fun. You also discover new ways to move that you didn't think were in you when wearing something new.

Day Twenty Five
Well, I bring my polypro with me everywhere now. I almost feel asleep with it on my lap while watching TV. Not weird at all, I am sure. I was just watching the tube and every time a HORRIBLE commercial would come on (every commercial) I would distract myself with a commercial hoop break. Probably the easiest way to get 30 minutes done, ever. But I also got in an hour working with a client, which is always fun.

Day Twenty Four
POLY PRO HOOP! It has arrived and I am IN LOVE! The hoop moves like magic! Time to hoop more now - can't wait to review it tomorrow!

Day Twenty Three
After getting my awesome HoopPretty shirt I was inspired to dress up and get some backyard practice in before the rain started! I love hooping in weird outfits - only, I tend to go with adding more and more layers instead of the mini skirts and fluorescent bikini tops that you normally see in hoop wear. Tomorrow starts my final week!

Day Twenty Two
2 hours of hooping knocked out with teaching classes alone - and another half hour in my backyard. Of course, things don't always go as planned, and the above shot was after I tried to do something with one arm spinning all four hoops. Welp, I'll just keep a-workin' on that one.

Day Twenty One
I hooped with my favorite snake today - my pet Dils. He and my orange minis are an uncanny match. I welcomed the first day of spring with 2 hours of outdoor hooping and then came inside and collapsed on the couch. This has been a wonderful month.

Day Twenty
I was so busy hooping today I didn't take a picture! I went to a wonderful hoop workshop and got an exhausting and exhilarating 2 hour practice in. As soon as I got home it was time to go through everything I learned to make sure I still had it.
I can't wait to get up and keep on going.
I have never been this motivated before. Though hooping has been a hobby and passion for a long time I have never made more progress or felt better. It's so easy to forget to devote time to the things we love - I am so glad I am making it part of my checklist this month.

Day Nineteen

Day Eighteen
I celebrated dance anywhere day, and then some. 

Day Seventeen
Spring is on it's way. I hooped a bit less today, but it actually felt good to rest a bit. With the amount that I have been doing I can tell my body is a bit tired. I kept it to mini-work and short bursts of high intensity hooping followed by glorious rest. 
Ever since this started I have noticed that I am much, much happier everyday. I have certainly regained some of the focus I was lacking back at day one. Not being able to go half an hour without checking my email - glad that's no longer the case

Day Sixteen
Today was a truly wonderful hoop day. Yesterday my head was bungled with all kinds of self-doubt and other lunacy but today it all cleared up. I just decided that all my practice was just for me, and hey what do I have to prove anyway? huh? 
Whether or not that's true, it made me feel better. Danced around manically for about and hour or so to some up beat, super high energy high school favorites like MSI and Ima Robot.

Day Fifteen
Midway. Called for a laser light show.
This whole hooping everyday thing is really changing the way I think. I feel better than ever and have made more progress in the past 2 weeks than I had in the ENTIRE year prior.

Day Fourteen
Thank goodness for 30/30 or I wouldn't have left the house today. Damn computer - SO addicting! I stepped out into the chilly air and snapped a few shots with the new minis I just made. Hooping in the cold is sometimes a great motivator, because to warm up you've really got to move! Almost midway!

Day Thirteen
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. We explored the city looking for fun new places to hoop and ended up all over the place. I am really loving this 30/30 challenge - it motivates me to go exploring. Did about 40 minutes in the beautiful weather.

Day Twelve
I wasn't sure when I would get my 30 in today, but a quick trip to Target turned into a hoop photo shoot and I spent half an hour in the back of the building hooping up a storm and getting some great pictures to boot. (See? I really have started taking my hoop and camera everywhere.)  
I'll definitely be returning. Plenty of space, no onlookers, beautiful weather and the sound of the passing trains made for a truly memorable session.

Day Eleven
Day Eleven? How is that possible? Today was another busy one where I wasn't sure how I would actually get my hooping in. I went and hung out with some folks then home for a quick lunch and more visits were in order. Luckily, I've started bringing a hoop and camera with me everywhere. So, I just waist hooped while I caught up with one of my buddies. Everyone is pretty used to me hooping at this point so it was rather normal. The best part? Getting to go up on his roof sun deck to continue! Woot!  Well, it was pretty darn cold but it was still a blast.

Day Ten
Okay, someone got the memo about loving to hoop in the rain! Woo-hoo!
It's been raining all day here so the backyard was flooded but I was just so tired of hooping in my kitchen I just said whatever and went to hoop in the rain and puddles. It was awesome, I got very dirty and I had a total blast. I love hooping in the rain because it is so dead outside. I know that neighbors aren't peering over their fences to look at that weird girl with her hula hoop. Not that it ever stops me when they do.

Day Nine
I was a lot busier than I anticipated. I was out of the house working on a project with a buddy until about 4:30pm and have plans this evening too. So, it was quick dinner and super fast hoop jam or it wasn't going to happen. Unfortunately, a full stomach and something spinning around and hitting your core again and again isn't the best combination. Whoops. My stomach is a bit sore but I made it through day nine! I feel like I've come this far - I have to make it to 30 now.

Day Eight
Today was hoop filled. Got up and updated this here blog, then finished a few orders, then off to class at 11am. Such a good energy today! Sometimes I get so in "teacher" mode that I forget that I am supposed to experience and enjoy the class too. Pulling back a bit and feeling where the class was and what they were interested in learning was so helpful in creating a fun class. Nothing goes better with hoops than laughter.

Now I am at home, making a few more updates, working on yet more hoops and getting ready for another class tonight! Definitely got my thirty minutes in today. 

It's been one week since this whole project began and I have to say - I really do feel different. I have been making better choices throughout the day just knowing that I have to get my 30min in and don't want to feel tired/sluggish when I get up and hoop. Instead of ordering pizza, I make a wrap. Instead of sitting on my computer, I get up and move with my hoop. 

When I started, I thought that this would be a fun way to hoop more - but, now I am thinking that it's probably going to help me more than I even thought.

Day Seven:
We braced ourselves for the cold and took a late night (6:30pm) adventure to a rooftop spot with tables and gazebos. I taped a seven on my shirt to indicate the day and off we went. We'll definitely have to go back in the daytime (and warmth) to get the real view, because nothing beats hooping with the sky all around you. 

The first week is done! I am so thrilled (and slightly surprised) to have made it this far. I wonder where else I'll end up travelling to get new views for hooping.

Day Six: 
This was the first day I really did not want to hoop when I woke up. It was rainy, I was still tired and I could tell that all I really wanted to do was drink coffee and check my email...for the entire day. Having this page really helps keep me motivated. After a few 'warm-up' hours of coffee and internet I picked up my hoop. As usual, once I started it was all gravy. I went outside to hoop around the neighborhood and look for lounging cats to pet and ended caught in the rain. Warm weather + hoop + rain = unexpectedly delightful. 

Day Five: 
This morning I was scheduled to take a bad ass ACROHOOPS class in Maryland - unfortunately, a few things fell through and I wasn't able to make it. It was a bummer because I was about to knock out 3-4hrs of some radtastic hooping, and I love incorporating any type of gymnastics I can into my practice. BUT! I shall not be dissuaded. 

I took my hoops and headed outside to do: my own acrohoops class! Disclaimer: this was probably dangerous and not something that one should just dive into - I am sure I could have gotten hurt. But, since that is pretty par for the course with hoop practice, I went for it!  YAY! Hooping and cartwheels and summersaults woo-hoo! I am now very tired. My toes are slightly numb. As expected, though, it was totally worth it! Probably the fastest 30 minutes yet in the challenge. 

Day Four:
I think I've found the secret. 

Today I am injury free and have stayed on task the entire time! 4th time's the charm.

I am practicing a routine, something to a specific song with specific timing and moves. This is very different than what I normally practice but I have wanted to do this for some time. I am certainly NOT a master choreographer and being a good hooper doesn't change that (which is why I am always doubly impressed by hoopers with a well done routine.)

I also brought a little yoga in my practice today - practicing shoulder stands while leg hooping and bringing the hoop up with my legs. 

The routine is ROUGH to say the least. Oh videos, you can be so wince inducing...

BUT! It is another day down and with 26 more to go, I can't wait to see where this routine ends up.

... there will be moonwalking.

ps. that sign in the pic says "Day 4" - you can see it when viewed at original size.

Day Three: 
One goal = met. Yet, an evil foe has returned. 
I was super focused today because I chose to work on a routine that was engaging instead of free form practice. Woo! I am breaking the chains with which my smart phone has me shackled! However, at one point I was foot hooping and the hoop whirled away from my pointy toe and landed directly on my pierced ear. Seriously, what is wrong with me. Yes, yes, I always thought people who screamed from pain in movies were being necessarily dramatic but, lo and behold, it DOES happen in real life. But, you see - this is how I know that I am a hoop addict. About 20 minutes and many bloodied cotton balls later I decided, well, maybe I'll just hoop some more. 

Day Two: 

Hmmm - what has happened to me? Day two, music blasting, empty house ready to hoop! Then about 10 minutes in or so, I notice I have a message on my phone.
I didn't even think about it and walked over as if a magnetic was drawing me closer and closer. I am an interaction junkie. ME! I don't even like answering the door when the pizza guy arrives, forget about actually talking to folks on the phone. As long as it's text based talk, however, I am apparently unable to stop checking for chats. What? I kept going for my whole 30, but this is a deeper issue. Can I really not go even HALF OF AN HOUR without checking email or phone? Ugh, that makes me feel creepy. Hula-hooping, you are making me rethink my life choices. 

Day One: 

Okay, so I really thought that hooping for 30 minutes would be pretty dern easy. I teach hour long classes and practice a lot - so it should be just like a regular day? As soooo often happens - I was wrong.

When I first started hooping I loved getting lost in the hoop and the music. Now, I am almost always taking pictures, working on a specific trick or teaching folks, which means that my hooping is in 4-5 minute bursts with pauses in between. Though, I think it's completely acceptable to break up your 30 minutes into smaller sessions, I wanted to test myself to go all 30 in one straight shot. So today I made it for 7 - SEVEN - minutes before I was aching to check my phone and email. What! I totally "cheated" and sent texts to my sis for the last 10 minutes of spin time. Goal for day 2: all hoop only hoop.


- C. said...

your pics are always so gorgeous. gotta get back to ya so we can have some major photo sessions.

KymSpins said...

Thank you soooo much! YES! I want photo shoots with you now!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Loved seeing your AcroHoop practice photo.

KymSpins said...

Thanks Jocelyn - haha I was determined to get it in!