Monday, February 28, 2011

Ahhhh I Hate This F---ing Hoop!


Wasn't that last post so lovely and full of zen? Ah, yes. Well - of course - we can't always be in that place, and sometimes nothing tests us more than A NEW HOOP TRICK!

Today I have been going over some new material for my classes and there is nothing quite like a BIG OL' CHALLENGE to start your day. I've walked away - smarter, yes - but bruised, humbled, bandaged and with a swollen lip. The hoop was uninjured.

Also, I have an industrial piercing in my left ear.  Now, imagine doing THIS and having the hoop spin around, smash your ear and then rip it a bit as it clunks it's way onto the floor. (Followed by my own descent to the floor in a wash of frustration and tears.)

Exhibit A - metal rod in ear.
Sounded like a good idea at the time
Not only was the trick a wash, but my ear was also in a screaming, throbbing pain. 
Perhaps we should not suffer for fashion after all. 

Now, I am going to be honest. It has been a long while since a hoop trick was very challenging. This is not because I am a hoop goddess - but, I do enjoy certain moves more than others, and that's what I practice. I've been doing this so long I sometimes forget that there is SO MUCH more to learn then when I began hooping.

I was basically a big whiny brat about the whole thing all morning. I hadn't really challenged myself in so long that I felt like I would never get the trick. I was pretty disappointed in my reaction. But - I sure did learn something.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF. If something is so hard it makes you want to cry - GOOD! Keep going! When you get there you will feel exhilarated. 
If you go and go and don't seem to make progress and want to throw your hoop at the most breakable thing in your house - well, stop. Take a breather. Read the post below. (cliffs notes: Emotional reactions are a choice. After I was done choosing to be a big brat, I learned much faster.)

You CAN learn. You WILL get this trick.

I finally got what I was trying to learn. I breathed. I watched the tutorial again. I put on a bike headband to protect my ear (best. idea. ever.)

I'm writing a mental love note to my headband
and I just tried again. and again. 
My mind is changed. I am going to quit resting on my laurels and keep trying new things. If I wanna cry about it - well, I must be doing something right. 


amy said...

I love this post! The same thing happens in running with trying to get faster or run longer, though usually without things getting caught on piercings.

KymSpins said...

hahaha! yes - exactly! SOOOO easy to get super frustrated with new challenges. Ah, we persevere though...

Jessica Lassiter said...

You are awesome.

KymSpins said...

YOU are awesome, Jess. Just two awesome people...hanging out...being awesome.