Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thirty/Thirty Hoop Challenge: Reflections

Wow thirty freakin' days. I am impressed. Though I have always had stellar follow-through with anything assigned to me, I usually let most projects that are self-driven fall by the way-side. There is something about commitment that is scary to me. Probably the 'having to do the same thing all the time" part.

Weeeeeeee! Day Five: keepin' it interesting.
But, see, that's what was so wonderful about this Hoop Challenge. I was doing something different everyday. I never got bored.  It made me sign up for workshops that I would have let pass me by, explore new areas of my city to get the perfect hoop shot, and connect with other hoopers all over. Each hoop session was about seeing what I could try to make it new and interesting - not just going through the motions of getting this 'task' done.

Every day, I devoted time to something about which I am passionate - a feat I have never before done. Usually I try to commit to things that are 'good on paper.' I can't even tell you how many times I have tried to make myself into a runner - signing up for 5K's and attempting to train. Oh God. It's so terrible (and misguided.) Usually I quit in about 3 minutes, when my knees already hurt, I am drenched in sweat and wheezing heavily. (Seriously, I am just not built for it...or at least that's what I tell myself.)

Each day, I knew I had to hoop and instead of weighing me down - it inspired me. It actually (and unexpectedly) changed my behavior for the better even beyond the hoop. I ate better, I dressed better, I exercised more. There was purpose in everyday - so I lived with intention everyday. I really didn't notice pre-Hoop Challenge how easy it was for me to mindlessly go through so many things, whether that be wasting my evenings on the internet, or finishing a bag of chips I didn't really want.

Day 30: This is what accomplishment looks like. (please don't let
that stop you from accomplishing things.)
When I started, I thought -"this will be easy" and for better or for worse...that's probably why I felt okay committing to it. I hooped so much already, I didn't think it would be that big of a change. But, of course, it was. In these 30 days I have progressed more in my hooping ability than I had in probably the 2 years prior. I signed up for 3 workshops and a hoop fest. I connected with people. I remembered how to be myself and rediscovered passions that I had lost. Just taking the time to do something that you really want to do everyday can make such a huge difference. 

Now, there were a few drawbacks. 

Not everyday was earth-shattering. It got slightly tiresome having to write about it everyday - because sometimes it was no more than "yep. hooped today. yep." I also think I became a bit hoop-crazy. Though hooping this much made me rediscover my interest in fashion and art - I also found that most were within the context of hooping. It's important to have other things going on in my life so that when I find myself chatting with someone who doesn't care about it I am not at a loss for words. Still, minor grievances for all this month has given me.

Do I think I will continue? Absolutely and without a doubt yes. I am committing to daily practice for at least another month. I won't write about it everyday, and I'll probably cool down with the pics - but I am a MUCH happier and complete person after this experience. If anyone is on the fence about it - I would say, PLEASE give it a try. The worst that can happen is you hoop some days and others you don't, right?

Overall, the 30 Day Hoop Challenge changed the way I look, act, think and feel. I started it thinking, at best, this would give me the chance to learn a few more tricks - but I am so glad that I exceeded those expectations, and can't wait to see what the next round brings. 


Shekinah said...

I think you and Shannon have inspired me to take the challenge. I couldn't imagine trying to hoop 30 minutes every day, but now I'm thinking I could, and that it'd be good for me.

KymSpins said...

you can do it! i know it :)