Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Intervention: Internet

I am embarking on a journey. It will be a test of endurance, strength of mind, and fortitude.
For one week, starting at 5:15pm each day, I am going to unplug. No internet. I am not sure when I started to notice that it was becoming a problem, but between looking at innumerable websites as well as working on this blog I noticed that if I am not hooping - I am internetting.

My boyfriend and I used to have dinner together everyday. Now we each eat across from the Holy Machine of Light that is the computer. I find myself unable to sleep because my brain has just endured six or seven hours of nonstop information at unreasonable frequency. My mind is cluttered. 

I want to take a little self imposed isolation so that I can start to delve into my style and myself. The most challenging thing for me to do in hoop performance is to connect with the audience. I can't figure out what I am trying to say or why I am hooping other than "I love it,"or  "it's fun."

The experience is much deeper than that and so far I haven't been able to communicate it. What do I think? Want to say? I don't know - anything I ever try to find out I just look up online. 

The internet is a wonderful, wonderful thing. I get so much joy out of writing here, sharing with others, and connecting with people who I otherwise would not have known. But I think it is important to realize when something good starts to have negative effects and to take a step back and ground yourself again.

This blog is part of my work and life and I will happily continue to update it everyday. But after work hours? Zero internet. Just see what I want to do and what I can learn. Is it going to suck? Yep. Sure will, in the beginning. But I think it will be an experience that will help me know what I am trying to say by getting my mind to a state in which I can hear.


Anonymous said...

You are brave. It's 1:30am, and I have to wake up in 6 hours for work. But here I am still on the freaking internet because it's so interesting. I think I might try something similar.. maybe an "after 8pm no internet" and then a quick check before I go to bed at 10. I need a better night time routine to allow me to wind down with myself, and it's just not happening, because I find myself time and time again on here. I don't get as much done, and I am not getting quality sleep.

KymSpins said...

It is hard - it's crazy how hard! The impulse to "check on things" is there, but I have to say after only 2 days I am sleeping MUCH better and feeling good :)

Lauren said...

You've totally inspired me (and you know this must be true because I NEVER comment on blogs/facebook/etc). While I don't spend endless hours on the internet, I am guilty of watching far too much television. Starting Sunday, IT'S ON! Thanks for the inspiration :)