Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hooping.Org: Five Days, Five Ways

Today's article on goes really nicely with the 'grumpy hooper' post below. Though, in writer Abby Schwartz's case, I think the 'grumpiness' she was feeling was real. She writes: 

"Last week we passed the halfway mark of our Spring Renewal 30/30 Challenge and it occurred to me that in my determination to accomplish 30 minutes of practice each day, I had developed tunnel vision about hooping.Even though I still enjoyed hooping, it was starting to feel like something to be crossed off my daily to-do list, instead of feeling like an activity that I approached playfully and eagerly. 

Realizing my hooping practice deserved some conscious attention to ensure I was getting the most out of it physically and emotionally, I decided to try an experiment. For five consecutive days
I would take a unique look at my hoop practice 
and try something different each day: Five Days, Five Ways."

What a great idea! You can read the rest of the article here to find out what five styles she used. Hmmm, this may be a great one to come back to and brainstorm your own five styles to try.

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