Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inspiration: Peter Gabriel, Aprés Moi

Peter Gabriel is a lot cooler than I ever really gave him credit for. I was so used to seeing his videos on "Pop Up Video" and hearing his songs at the grocery store that he sort of became - easy to ignore? But really, much of his work is pretty different.

"Sledgehammer" was (of course) on the radio the other day and I was thinking about how weird it really is:

I mean, what the crap was that? But he did his own thing. Lately, I have really been appreciating that.
Go Peter Gabriel.

Special shout out to Jess for the awesome first video.


Jessica Lassiter said...

I am truly honored. I have to say that you have inspired me to research the depths of the internet for funny, bizarre, and sometimes disturbing things. I'm glad that it came to some use to somebody :)

KymSpins said...

PLEASE DO IT! hahah - when you find yourself lost on the internet in the wee hours, please remind yourself that you are doing research for a noble cause! (and seriously this video ruled!)