Thursday, March 17, 2011

Proof that you will soon be buff

Hooping is great exercise.
We know.

But how many of you, like me, have...sort of doubted it? It's crazy. I know. I can always feel the results and definitely work up a sweat and feel my heart pounding when I hoop - but I have this mental block. It says "if I am really burning 600 calories this hour I should probably be more miserable, right?" Shouldn't I be staring endlessly at the elliptical read out? Trying to distract myself with mindless magazines that all have the same 'diet secrets' and Photoshopped faces? 

Seeing as that sounds miserable, I was pretty excited when I found the American Council of Exercise study on the benefits and effects of hooping. Participants in the study were women aged 16-59, who hooped at an intermediate to advanced level. They all did the same 35-minute hoop routine while wearing specialized equipment to record their results.


The results show that - nope - you don't have to be miserable to get a great workout. Woo Hoo(p)! In the half hour session women burned over 200 calories, with roughly 7 calories/minute. That's more than advanced pilates, power yoga, and aerobics. A high energy session would definitely take care of 600 calories. Bam. Fun and Fitness.

Though I'd like more details about the study - like what size hoops were used, and what moves were performed, it feels good to have some proof of the claim. Don't get me wrong, I will always stand by my claim that hooping should be fun first, and exercise second, but its pretty nice that it happens to be both.

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