Friday, April 29, 2011

Move without Thinking: Omega Dubstep

Yesterday I was introduced to Omega Dubstep by a fellow hooper and lovely lady  and I must say that I think I have found my new music obsession. I love it. ALL. (Clearly, as I am not waiting until Monday to post the music. Now you can jam out this weekend!)

There is nothing quite as wonderful as finding music that simply makes your body move without really checking in with your mind first. The tunes are very - well, dub-steppy (wordvention), so I wouldn't be surprised if it divided the masses into half love, half hate - but, if you fall in to the "love" category you will have lots and lots of new tunes for your hoop sessions. 

Here's a sample from his YouTube, but I highly suggest checking out his soundcloud for more tunes. 
Some of the best don't have videos. (And, yes... he made a song out of that kid who was, well...high, after his visit to the dentist. Very deep thoughts of a child, in the style of dubstep. I dig.)

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