Friday, April 29, 2011

Record breaking Hooping: Underwater and on Land (and With a Milk Bottle on your Head)

This is Ashrita Furman, a health food store owner from New York City who currently holds over 120 Guinness world Records - including the official record for having the most records! If you are like me, you may be wondering...Why?

From his website Ashrita says,  "I'm trying to show others that our human capacity is unlimited if we can truly believe in ourselves." Ashrita maintains that while some of his records may draw more laughter than respect, each one requires a great deal of determination, concentration and fitness. 

His hoop records currently include:
Hula Hoop Racing - fastest 10 kilometers while hooping (1hr 25min and 9s)
Hula Hoop Racing -fastest mile while balancing milk bottle on head (for real.) (11min 29s) 
Hula Hoop Racing - fastest mile (11 min 29s)
Underwater Hula Hooping - longest time spent underwater (2 min 38s)
Large Hoop Hooping - 11.5 Hoop, 64 rotations in 1min
Largest Hula Hoop Spinning - 16f, 6in - 3 rotations

It's still confusing - but, hey - does this guy seem like he is having fun and living life by his own terms, or what? That's what it's all about - so more power to you Ashrita! See a picture of him hooping with that milk bottle on his head after the jump, and check out his many crazy records here (grape eating with teaspoon, pie throwing, Jello eating with chopsticks...)

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