Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Describe Your Hooping in 3 Words

Or should I say - your ideal hooping in three descriptive words.

First, let me backtrack a second.

As I am prone to do, I was scanning the Hooposophy archives the other day when I found Lara's article, What Kind of Hooper Do You Want to Be? In it she talks about the very real challenge of defining a practice and style that is uniquely your own. As hooping grows, and more extremely badass hooper's pop up everyday, it can be a completely overwhelming task to  define a style.  As she puts it:

"How do you go about locating, exploring, and founding your hoopdance on what is uniquely you? ... For many, on any given day of the week, it’s hard enough to lay aside our own expectations long enough to hoop for half an hour. As help, I offer a simple exercise totally borrowed from an article in an Oprah magazine that my mother-in-law left at my house last week.
When thinking about the kind of hooper you want to be, try thinking in adjectives, not nouns and verbs. So, instead of saying to yourself, ‘I want to be a ‘badass,’ or ‘I want to hoop like so-and-so,’ or ‘I just want to master breaks,’ or ‘keep it up’ you would opt for focusing on words that describe how you want, or would like to, feel in the hoop. Trade in the visions of what you want to accomplish, or how you want to look while hooping, for words that will help you understand and orient yourself toward what you want to exude, express, and free inside your hoop. Choose three phenomenal adjectives, perfect for you."
Finally! This makes sense. Instead of defining my style by becoming a really, really, really, really good hooper (not the most encouraging nor realistic approach) I can simply think about what I want  my hooping to embody and then try and express those things with the skills I already have. I'll continue to learn new moves and skills, but I will have a core from which I define my practice. 

Hmmm. So what are my words? In a totally ideal world - all embarrassment and inhibition aside - what do I want my hooping to embody? What do I want to exude? 

Fierce, Peculiar, Exploratory.

I want my strangeness to shine through. I decided to do a google image search of my words just for kicks. What do you think - can I express these three things in my practice? 

Hmm...quite the combo. Can you guess which is which? Haha
What would your words be? 


Fijufic said...

I can easily see you are totally in to hooping. We have some lady who hoops here in the middle of an intersection, a complaint was made and she was beaten by the cops. The community took up her cause and she continues to hoop...

Passionate people are awesome.


- C. said...

wow - this is a great idea!
hmm, three words: precise, engaging, energetic.

oh, and that parrot is SO fierce right now.

KymSpins said...

Bobby - okay, that took me a sec - i thought you meant she was physically beaten by the cops - whoa! haha - I am glad that I got it - AND that the community supports her! YES.

Cyn 1) great words, 2) PARROT IS SO FIERCE

Shannon said...

No, Kym, that story is true if Bobby is talking about the lady that I am thinking of (http://hamptonroads.com/2008/11/charges-withdrawn-against-hula-hoop-lady-granby-street). I mean how many people hoopin median and get in police trouble? I think that's the story Bobby was talking about.

My words would be: Unusual, groundbreaking, captivating. That works right?

KymSpins said...

oh my good God. Honestly I am totally stunned and had not heard of this story. I can't believe they tasered her - WTF! I am completely aghast at this story. Shannon, I am glad you showed this to me - but wow - I am at a complete loss that this could happen. Wow.
Thank goodness she was okay in the end, though I am sure the memory will not be forgotten easily.

Shannon said...

Well, it was forgotten by her. I read one article on it that she woke up in jail confused on how she got there.

There are other instances of getting in trouble by the law by hooping. I think OmWoods has a video of getting stopped by the cop in my home state. :( (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S62gqvwCXnE)

KymSpins said...

Yeah, I was wondering about that when I read that she had brain damage from an earlier incident. Still - WAY TOO BIG of a reaction on the cops part. (In my opinion.) - Luckily, I am sure most cops would not react this way...right?

Shannon said...

True, bad reaction from cop. I hope not. One article I read seemed to point the finger at the fact that there are no educationzzz for cops with people with special issues and no protective group. Due to this story, I think a couple places have developed one.

My nephew had a run in with the cops and they did it all assbackward. In talking with friends, we figured out the school is not doing enough for his sever ADHD which could have helped avoid the whole situation. Like it takes a village to raise a child?

And I was hooping in front of my sister in laws house. The cops slowly drove around 3 times. I can only guess it was because of me cause no one else was around looking sneaky. I don't know if any of this makes sense.