Monday, May 16, 2011

Hoop Playing Cards?

Hula Hoop playing cards? Trading cards? What, what what? I found these here as well as the description:

"hOOpy Time is a project being developed for the entertainment of both small and big kids alike. It centres on the power and magic of the hulahoop within the context of a story set on Planet hOOlia."

For some reason the description makes me think of "My LIttle Pony Tales." Maybe the girl with the cupcakes makes me think of 'bon-bon's baking cookies girls, hurry up on oooooveeeer.' I also had to laugh that everyone got a 'cool hoop name,' Candy Hoopla, Yum-Yum Baker, etc., and then we have....Kyle. As, Kyle. 

Anyway...I digress. I am not sure if anything came of the Hoopy Time Heroes of Planet Hoolia- but, I dig the cards anyway. 

I am definitely Dizzy LIzzy. 

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