Monday, May 23, 2011

Hoop Tutorials I WANT to Learn: Circus Style Moves w/ Jon Coyne

This morning, Jon Coyne was the featured tutorial of the day on Usually, I placidly watch the featured tutorial while sipping my morning coffee and thinking "yep, that's cool...anyway, next link," but after watching these I honestly found myself wanting to get up and hoop! Then I checked out his YouTube channel and saw the treasure trove of crazy circus style moves he has listed. Win!

Pizza Toss + Sommersault Catch

In the past few weeks I have successfully done the pizza toss a few times, so it gives me hope for this move. (But, I love that he has links to the 'prerequisties' in the video. Total bonus points on that one, Jon.)

Foot Hooping in Lasso Above Back While Bent Over*
(* awesome move...but it needs a new name.  Lasso back? Lasso bridge? <--- Because your body looks like a bridge while on the ground?)

Anyone else as inspired as I am? Now to navigate the wet grass outside to get a few of these crazy moves going! 


Shannon said...

I was talking to someone the other day how they have difficulty with the pizza toss. I guess after watching that guys videos, I'm tossing it more out than above.

KymSpins said...

yeah it was really hard for me to not flail it halfway across the yard when I first started. I still don't have it 100%, but it's getting there...

Shannon said...

It was really encouraging to hear because the girl I was talking to had been hooping for 4 years. I just don't like it (so far) compared to other tosses.