Monday, May 23, 2011

I Really Need a Bigger Closet

I got the email from blackmilk this morning that these ^ lovelies are on their way! Soon I will need a separate dresser just for tights. I am usually not one to spend lots o' money on... well, anything... but the quality of their products is absolutely worth the cost. Everything FITS the way it should and doesn't fall apart within a week or month. These tights are made to look great and to LAST.

Plus. Look how awesome they are? Oh I love you blackmilk

I know I have gushed about them before I go again. There are just WAY too many things that I am desperate to own from this place. My blackmilk wishlist: 

baby doll dress + beetlejuice tights

cubism  + lace up 

All of this would double as non hoop wear. The line between 'performance clothes' and 'errand running clothes' is quickly disappearing. (and i love it.)

 rainbow! I know - shocking...


- C. said...

welp. i pretty much need those pink boots. yup.

KymSpins said...

you really do. Yes, I've been obsessed with the silver bottom boots for some time now - but the tights are 'spensive enough. Let's not involve $300 shoes.