Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let's Learn!

Have you ever noticed that the hard way 

is the only way you 

ever really learn? 

...or is that just me? 

I was thinking about this earlier this week. Has anyone ever had the overwhelming urge to do something and then actually taken someone's advice not to go for it. "Don't do it! You'll have to learn the hard way." Then, of course...we do it. And learn. The hard way. Fraught with "mistakes" and missteps.

But honestly aren't those "hard ways" of learning what makes up experience? I can't live something by reading it  - and I never really feel like I can learn something "the easy way" by letting someone else's experience stand in for my own. I'll take the hard way. My own way. Just because something is difficult doesn't mean it is wrong. It's just experience.

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