Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Owls and Eyelashes

Owls are great. Except in Rock-a-doodle where they were evil. 
And, in Twin Peaks where they were not what they seemed.
Overall though, they are adorable and creepy at the same time,  one of my favorite combinations

So naturally - this hoop = love.

These are the work of the fabulous Cookie Hoops.
But she doesn't stop there. She also makes custom eyelashes -
Do I want to look like a couple of peacocks have taken up residence on my face? 

 Desperately. YES.

Do want. Check out her shop here!


Shannon said...

I love owls so much. Oh to want to have cash to burn!

KymSpins said...

I knooooow me too! Owls are pure awesome, as is this hoop!!!

Shekinah said...

I love those eyelashes... too bad I wear glasses! What a dramatic fail that would be, trying to blink with those on, hehehe.

KymSpins said...

okay, that made me laugh quite a bit