Thursday, May 19, 2011

Performance Study

I have been spinning all morning to Regina Spektor's Blue Lips, which I am dancing to tonight on Jelly Vision. For reference, here is the song set to an extremely strange video of a horse running. In focus. Out of focus. On a beach. In space. EXTREME CLOSE UP. Hope ya like horses.

(Uh. That music at the end made me want to punch my computer screen)

I'm all blue and bedazzled and starting to make easily avoided mistakes in my practice - signaling that it's time for a break.
That's Brisk baby.
Preparing for a performance is like studying for a test. No matter how many times I go over the information, I am always convinced that everything will fly right out of my head once it's showtime. In school, I loved when the exam was handed out. I would speed read through the whole test and feel a wave of calm wash over me as I realized that everything I needed was still in my head. Except in math, in which case I was never worried - I knew the information wasn't there to begin with and calmly drew little sad faces and question marks all over the test. Good times.

On stage, if I've 'done my homework' and gotten prepared, as soon as I get up there it's just a matter continuing to move. I am excited. Mmm hmmm.

Okay. More studying to do before tonight!


claudiahays said...

kill it.

be sure to document as well.

KymSpins said...

teeheehee. yes. camera will be in tow. woot woot!