Thursday, May 26, 2011

Travel (Hoop) Pt. 1

- Hello California.-

Travel hoop - safely secured but then...

the airline attendant asked if anyone would check their carry on's 
because ya know, now that they charge $25-$50 per checked bag 
people try and bring their whole lives on board and they
 were going to run out of room.
 I checked my bag, but kept my hoop. And I was happy
to discover a travel hoop fits perfectly under an airplane seat.

layover = margaritas

This is what 2pm should always look like

Airport hooping - fueled by liquid courage. 

Honestly though, hooping in the airport was no big deal. This could definitely have been because it was a Wednesday afternoon and it was pretty much dead everywhere, but, I think that people could tell I was just boppin' around not really looking to put on a show. I set up in an empty corner, continued talking to William while I hooped and generally gave off vibes that said, "yo dudes - I am just killing time." Then we played cards. 

Twas a very good, very long , long day that ended in a much needed trip to a heated pool and hot tub. Awww yeaaah  living the life. 

Now... where can I find some coffee? 


claudiahays said...

how goes it over there?? jealous of your margarita fun :-)

KymSpins said...

heheh yes yes I need more hoop buddies out here with meeee! California is totes awesome so far, huzzah! Lots of seals, hoops, and sunshine. I'm taking about 1,000 pics/minute. Never being able to travel as a kid has made me a very enthusiastic traveler now...

Happy and House Poor said...

Don't fall in love with Cali too much... You need to come back and keep me company! BUT your trip looks awesome so far... looking forward to hearing about your San Diego adventures! Kymspins conquering new coasts! YES!