Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Art by Adelaide

Wow such great flow and style. I loved that she came out dancing with the hoop just resting on her head - that is a great idea to get everything flowing in the beginning. So often it's the waist hooping partay at the beginning because it's so easy to fall into the simple moves. (I'm projecting.)
Anyway - this is Gorgeous!

(Come on coffee house patrons, get into it!)

Check out her website here


Fijufic said...

Pretty cool. I would have been blown away at a coffee shop..

KymSpins said...

ditto to that. She was a charismatic and fluid performer - I wasn't surprised when I saw that she is from a family of performers and artists.

miss marian said...

I love how that guy @ 2:45 on the left is almost sideways to keep his eyes on her - disappointed at the general lack of clapping and cheering as usual though.