Friday, June 17, 2011

Ashen Circles: Hoop Inspired Shirt

It's so nice that I don't worry about things like my own safety. Especially when clothing is involved. 

I am continuing my crafty streak this week (apparently) and was overwhelmed by the urge to make more clothing this morning. I may not have money or sewing skills BUT I HAVE THE POWER OF FIRE! (and scissors. and paint.)

So I started work on a simply designed hoop inspired shirt.

I took an old ribbed tank and sliced it right in half then decided - ya know what I should do? Light this on fire. So, I burned the edges. I kept it classy by sticking close to the kitchen sink just in case my clumsiness got the best of me and I started to burn anything other than the shirt. 

Some paint and an old bowl were all that was needed to stamp a perfect circle in the center. 
Ta da! Hoop shirt. 

Now, I am not going to lie - it came out shorter than anticipated but I must say I still rather enjoy it. I have been looking for good hoop clothes that aren't fairy nor rave inspired for a bit now, because, though I like both, but they aren't really me. I am thinking that I will have to break down and go to the art store after all to get some proper materials. 

This is the beta testing phase of this shirt, I think. I want to flesh out the hoop design more and add something else to it. Hmmm.... ponderances for the weekend. Indeed. 


Happy and House Poor said...

I love your resourcefulness! And I'm happy nothing else caught fire...
I'm going to the cheap art store tomorrows if you wanna join :P

KymSpins said...

oh!!! I wanna go - but tomorrow is busy busy - Sunday mayhaps ?? I'd love to get something REAL with which to work. :)