Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beaches, Kitsch, Hoops and Legos: California in Pictures

1. Room with a view in Shelter Island
2.  Watching the sail boats drift along dreamily
3.  Hooping in the sculpture garden
4. Getting my feet wet at La Jolla Beach
5. Contemplative ponderances while sitting on the springy California grass. 
6. Utter bliss
7. Taking in the kitsch in Old Town
8.  Even the nonliving have exclusionary friendships
9. wind chimes to hit your head on
10. What turned out to be one five too many Gin and Tonics
11. Transported back East via Legoland creations
12. Seriously - how did people create such architectural insanity out of lil' Legos?
13. Lego skyscrapers the look real
14. Carlsbad beach 
15-17.  La Jolla at low tide


- C. said...

glad you had fun! glad you are back! and yup, i have the purdiest sister ever.

did you have a favorite part of the Cali trip?

KymSpins said...

Yes, my favorite part was definitely hanging out in the fancy hotel room and taking in the view as well as hooping next to the sun bathing seals. I love those fatty funnies. heheeh.

Ah, le sigh. The coming down from being back is rough hahah -

Fijufic said...

I have never been to the beach on that side of the US. Looks like it is kinda nice. Is it very cold?

KymSpins said...

the water was crazy cold - about 60ish? But I still went in! Very different from the lukewarm bathwater in my native FLA. :D
The beaches themselves were BEAUTIFUL though - caves, cliffs, and big giant waves. ah, paradise

Happy and House Poor said...

You look like a California girl, and I must say the bathing suit rocks!!

claudiahays said...

looks absolutely lovely.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful :O Looks amazing!