Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Erna and Hrefna: "We Dream Same Dreams Sometimes"

This  is the work of photographer Ariko Inaoka, who is currently on a journey to illustrate the 'growth from childhood to teenager' by photographing identical twins Erna and Hrefna from age 9 through 16. 

Viewing these, I am unconcerned with any meaningful hints of adulthood creeping in in the photos. instead I can't help but focus on the powerful connection between the girls.

I am an identical twin. 

Before I began to hoop, my twin status was the primary marker of my identity. Seeing it displayed  so well in this work felt like bricks hitting my heart. Being a twin is a connection like no other. It is a closeness that is indescribable to others, yet instantly understood by other identical twins. You had a companion before birth who will always choose you (many times, despite themselves.)

Obviously, I love to display any art that truly resonates with me on this site. But this is the first work that wordlessly captured a large aspect of my identity. 

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- C. said...

well, now i want to see you more than i do on every other day of my life.
so tired of so many good folks being far away.
run away to iceland??