Thursday, June 23, 2011

Headed to Hoop Path

My ridiculously heavy bag is packed. I am giving my LED hoop one last jolt of juice and trying to find something to fasten together the total of four hoops that I am bringing. I can already tell that the 7 hour train ride is going to be a clackity polypro mess no matter what, so I am just going to embrace it. And wrestle for one of those big front seats with lots of leg hoop room. 

I am so excited to be headed towards a hoop filled weekend. This week's weather and general every day nonsense has made my spin time pretty minimal. (You know it's bad if I haven't even had time to catch Jeopardy at all.) All week, as another hoop free day would pass, I thought, eh - it's all good you will be hooping for 4 hours a day all weekend! Sore muscles and bright smiles are in my future. 

Posting will probably be slower since I'll be out and about on hoop adventures, but I am sure as the weekend progresses the pictures will be epic and numerous as will the rambling tales of self discovering and hoop insight. Ah, good times. 

As for now - time to recheck everything, scramble to find new music for the train ride, and glug down the last bit of coffee in the house.

Hoop wonderland, here I come.

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