Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hoop Fest New England Schedule

Are you going to Hoop Fest New England? Can you? 

I'm all excited now that the schedule is out! I am also dreaming of the tempered heat up there. It's not that hot in Maine even in the summer right? Don't correct me if I am wrong. Ugh I tried to hoop outside today. FAIL. Bugs, bugs, glare, heat, sweat, sun, gross. Back inside.

Anyway here is some of the schedule to further entice: (for full schedule check out the website!)

Fridays Workshops

A.M. Stretch led by Lulu Hoop
Block One/Tent One: Jocelyn Gordon/Isolating the Rib Cage
Block One/Tent Two: Sennyo/Isolations
Block Two/Tent One: Caroleeena/Integrating Dance
Block Two/Tent Two: Amelia Whitney/Language of Hooping
Block Three/Tent One: Caroleena/Fire Safety
Block Four/Tent Two: The Bex/Sense of Motion
Block Five/FREE TIME ZONE with optional panel discussion** 
and Spontaneous Dance Play with The Bex

Saturday Workshops

A.M. Stretch led by Jocelyn Gordon
Block One/Tent One: Lulu Hoop/Hooing Below the Waist
Block One/Tent Two: Ann Humphreys/HoopPath Fundamentals
Block Two/Tent One: Amelia Whitney/Twins
Block Two/Tent Two: Ann Humphreys/HoopPath Fundamentals
Block Three/Tent One: Malcolm/Movement Exploration
Block Three/Tent Two: Lolli Hoops/Flips and Twists
Block Four/Tent One: Jocelyn Gordon/Get Low
Block Four/Tent Two: Lolli Hoop/Flips and Twists
Block Five/Tent One: FREE TIME ZONE with optional panel discussion**
 and Spontaneous Dance Play with The Bex
Block Five/Tent Two: Little L/Make 'Em Say OMG!

Sunday Workshops

Block One/Tent One: Sennyo/Buugeng
Block One/Tent Two: Ann Humphreys/Off Body
Block Two/Tent One:Little L/Make 'Em Say OMG!
Block Two/Tent Two: Caroleeena/Integrating Dance
**Panel Discussions:
Journaling Your Hoop Journey/Lara Eastburn


claudiahays said...

looks amazing. so excited for ya!

Maria said...

Oh, thanks for shouting this out! Can't wait to hoop with you!