Friday, June 10, 2011

Hoop Path Considerations and Fantasies

I am deleriously excited for Hoop Path 5, which is only two short weeks from today (June 23rd-26th.) I've been to a Hoop Path event before, but never the big time, high rollers event in Carrboro, North Carolina with Bax, Ann, Khan Wong and Rich Porter (to name a few.) I am soooo excited to take my widdle hoop skills and fade into the background while I watch masters at work. The inspiration (and fun) promises to be overwhelming. 

The last time I went to a local Hoop Path event, in December 2009, I was a totally different person. I was soooo nervous to hoop around other hoopers, hoop in a group, hoop without knowing anyone at the event - blah blah blah. This time around I have a hoop buddy going with me (!!!!!!), a few more years of experience under my belt,  and my hoop anxiety is a distant memory. (Honestly, I think I am more comfortable with my hoop than without in almost every situation.) Time, you are an excellent teacher. 

When I first walked into Hoop Path DC in '09 I practiced maybe at the very, very most an hour a day. Usually if I wasn't in the zone, I just stopped - or didn't practice at all. What I learned while hooping in the spacious Hoop Path gym with nothing but hooping on the agenda is that I had so much more to offer of myself than I had ever expected. My mind and body didn't have to be 'in the zone' to have an epic practice and by continuing through slumps I was able to reach a whole new hoop euphoria. For years before the hoop I had tried to become a hardcore runner - someone who reaches a state of bliss after miles and miles logged - and it never happened. (Never. Even. Close. btw, I hate running.) Then, after two, three, four hours of hooping at Hoop Path I realized that I was looking for that feeling in the wrong sport. I had reached a 'runners high' by hooping. I told myself then, if you are ever facing a challenge remember - you can just. keep. going. Set your expectations high - because you can keep going and you will reach your goals.

6. hoop. a lot. 
It was the first time I really felt a 'hoop high.' My practice from that point was transformed. Yes, I learned some great techniques, moves, tricks, and transitions during the event - but learning how much I truly had to give was the lesson that really stuck. 

Of course, Hoop Path won't all be nebulous lessons and deep thoughts. It promises to also be an uber blast with hoop jams, bon fires and pool parties (and lots of least for me.) Who knows what all it shall bring. Many photos, videos and musings for sure.

I can't wait. 
(Hells. Yes!)


claudiahays said...

simply. cannot. wait.

only two more weeks!!!! XD

KymSpins said...

counting down and making the list of things to pack in my head. going to be EPIC!