Thursday, June 30, 2011

Irina Akimova at Cirque Du Soleil

I had to repost this from FYH because she is just a bit too epic.  But uh, dudes, that singer? Has GOT to go. LISTEN to these song lyrics. Whaaaaat? So. So. So. Terrible. Horrible 7th grade poetry. But - hey, it ALL took more talent than I have so go everyone involved! 


Shekinah said...

Awww, she was one of the first hooping videos I ever saw! And I actually love the song. hehehehe. But I'm also a huge fantasy metal geek and love the cheesiness of it all.

KymSpins said...

hahah hey man, different strokes! My bf is too - and I thought the same thing... I was like... wait a minute, has Dream Theater entered the room? Whateva flaots ya boat. And she is one badass hooper. haha.

KymSpins said...

dunno what "flaoting" one's boat would be, but I probably don't want to hear about it.