Monday, June 6, 2011

Laura Laine's World of Strange and Beautiful Women

I am sick today. A chronic problem that I thought I had finally beaten came back unannounced last night as well as some other crushing news. I am not trying to be mysterious, just respectful. 

After several hours trying to get into the hoop zone with The Kinks this ridiculous sickness forced me back to my computer in search of inspiration and time passing fodder. 

Laura Laine's beautiful, fluid and sad illustrations were too good not to be shared. 
I have such an affinity for dark things - yet, I think most people who know me would say I am bright, bubbly and outgoing. I have to break down these walls.

It's hard not to feel some type of closeness to the artist and other fans when finding art that you like. It's so personal - so hard to define empirically as 'good' or 'bad' that the choice to like something somehow feels like an understanding between people.

Do you like these? Why? Why not? 


Penrock said...

I just saw these today, and was going to post them on my blog :) I think they are beautiful. I love the shapes she has created and her ability to make her figures look dainty, yet strong and somber at the same time.

KymSpins said...

yes! Dainty and somber is my favorite combination and it is VERY difficult to pull it off in a genuine way. Something that seems true and not contrived. She. Nails. it. <3