Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Made of Silver and Scarves

I was feeling crafty today. 

I wanted to make something but I have no art materials with me anymore (sad, but true) and unfortunately the closest art store is quite the hike from my house. Not that I can really afford to buy art supplies as I finally bit the bullet and purchased a new computer. (Finally! It's been many years and leg burns and popped off keys.) 

What can I make with no material and no money? I searched through the dark recesses of my closet and found the beautiful silvery scarf that my sister brought me when she was in India and the uh, cheap scarf I bought from my (magical) visit to Target. 

The large scarf from India made a totally serviceable dress when wrapped around me just right and tied with an old black piece of cloth that was hanging with my belts. Perfect on top of my go-to black sports bra and bike shorts. Then I utilized my recent obsession with braids and transformed both scarves into a shimmery hairpiece that I can wear while hooping. I always want to use a scarf as a head wrap while hooping because I think it would look beautiful in motion - but, it actually just gets tangled and tied up just like long hair. Flow no-no. Keeping the scarves braided made it possible to hoop and have my head wrap too. 

Craft day on an uber budget = complete.


claudiahays said...

adoring the prettiness <3

KymSpins said...

thankkkkk yoooouu. XOXO. photo diaries are win :D