Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Very Caffeinated Hoop Dance Practice

Here is the video from my 'break outta that RUT!' practice from yesterday. There is some new passing and chest and back rolls in here that I normally would never even try  for fear of the hoop falling. Didn't care this time! Definitely just went for whatever I was feeling - and I was feeling very high energy after lots 'n lots of coffee. (4 cups in 2 hours. That's how I roll.)

I want to try and work more with:
-the under the leg to isolation combo around :38
-the behind the back to on the body pass around 1:43 
-whatever the heck I did around 1:54, 
-back roll & turn + grab at 2:38, 
-and the little toss around 3:03 and the pass at 3:34

Wow, I actually studied one of my own videos. See, because I didn't already know exactly what I was going to do! Such a fun practice.

1 comment:

claudiahays said...

loving your experimentation with the hoop (+ new portion of yard you're using)!