Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Packing, Packing, Packing

Definitely feeling a sense of frenzy this morning. 

I am packing practically everything I own in preparation for tomorrow's departure for Hoop Path.  Which, upon my return on Monday, is followed almost directly by a second departure for North East Hoop Fest. Hooping and traveling = yay. Some of my two favorite things combined. 

Oh the promise of good people, non stop spinning, being dizzy with laughter, and the opportunity for millions and millions of photos has me feeling light headed. But, that might be the fumes from repeated hair dye coats. Or the excessive coffee. 

I have a visual list to upload as a reminder to myself, but blogger is being dumb and won't upload pics right now. Harumph. It's probably a good thing, really. Maybe I can stop being distracted by all things internet and get this show on the road! (BWHAHAHAHAH. Yeah. Right.)

Now to decide what is the best train appropriate ensemble, which hoops to bring and to leave behind, and how to get them packed up in a way that wont make navigating the train a ridiculous, clumsy mess. Or at least, less of one. 

Luckily, I am almost finished packing wise. There are only a few hold outs:

Things that I still need to find/buy
bug spray
flask ---> wish I had time money to buy this one

I think I'll make it. 


claudiahays said...

did this for ya!

KymSpins said...

amazing! yes, I keep consulting this list this morning but i still feel like something is missing! ack, ack.... what is it... hrmm. Im sure we'll need to hit up a CVS or something when we get there anyway. yooooou knowww

claudiahays said...

and a liquor store.

KymSpins said...


- C. said...

FIRST STOP: liquor store.
just sayin'