Monday, June 13, 2011

Photo Diary: From the Tree Top to Sea Floor

Welp it was a 'bring your hoops everywhere you go!' type of weekend. So - ya know... the best kind. Brunch, the pool, the park and my ubiquitous backyard were all included.

And, I was very pleased to find that my old octopus bracelet  was very useful in holding together new hoop orders. There is nothing worse than when you go through the hoop domino effect. You have orders all ready to go and chilling on a wall - then, one hoop gets wobbly and falls, then the next, then they all fall. Ugh, hoops I love ya but you are a bitch to store.

Thankfully, the lovely octopus used his many arms to hold them hoops together and keep 'em where they should be. I love being able to do photo diaries - they make Facebook albums obsolete and any way that I can escape the clutches of facebook is a good thing.

1 comment:

claudiahays said...

I want your backyard, sundress, wet hair, and cthulhu bracelet. It's ok, though. Will instead live vicariously through you.

*this means more photo diaries.