Thursday, June 30, 2011

Time for Breathing: Optional

Well, it's already Thursday. 

Today involves trying to find a larger suitcase to transfer all of my Hoop Path belongings into in preparation for Hoop Fest.. I am a total newb when it comes to camping and I can already see it now: two little blonde twins dancing around in a frenzy trying to put up a tent for the first time as it blows away and we collapse into giggles over our own incompetence. Oh my. I can't wait for the adventures ahead. And all of the lovely photos that are sure to tell stories of the ups, downs and all arounds.

I didn't really consider things like, "how will I charge my phone" and "ohmygod no computer for four days" - but, I think that's like, uh, what camping is about right? Nature and stuff. 

How I wish I was a hearty veteran camper. Coonskin caps and flannel all over the place. 

After the beautiful, surreal experience that was Hoop Path V, I am thrilled to be able to prolong my time in wonderland for just a bit longer, coonskin cap or no. Four more days of hooping and learning in an oasis of hoop lovers/addicts sounds like a dream come true right now. 

So inspired by all that has happened so far. And the journey continues...


- C. said...

or, ya know.... tipsy twins with blue and pink hair trying to find someone in flannel to help us out.

it'll be epic. and wonderful.

imma beast that tent.

KymSpins said...

oh man, see you are the idea woman... it's good you are going with me. Can't WAIT to see your new hair lovey! and imma redye mine tomorrow :P

Anonymous said...

I'm a teeeeny bit jealous of your life right now :) I came back from spin out and just had to go back to boring old work. You get to come back and DO IT ALL AGAIN.

Shannon said...

I am very jealous which is why I can't read the hoop path entries since I had the time off that I could have gone. I just have to whisper to myself, "House.backyard. garden. no stupid neighbors."

I think you should come to Kentucky and go to Flow Camp with me in August, Kym. I'll share my tent with you (holds 3-4) and I'd think we'd get along very well. (and honestly, I don't want to camp by myself). And we can take tons of pictures of our hooping together! Sounds like a fantastic idea! I saw there is a whole batch of girls coming from TN.

KymSpins said...

Honestly, I am jealous of it too - I can't believe it's real! What a crazy summer. Shannon when is flow camp in August? I have more crazy travels going on then too - but what are the deets?? Continuing the epic summer of festivals and workshops = fun.

Shannon said...

Flow Camp- Thursday, August 11 at 1:00pm - August 14 at 5:00pm

But the workshops don't start till Friday. I asked Jorden and she said there will be a campfire and what not on Thursday. Nothing too big that will suck if I miss it. I'm personally going straight from work on Friday at 730 to the farm. I will be downing coffee and energy drinks that first day.

Harrodsburg is BUEATIMUS. It's just 30 minutes south of where I live (essentially everything is 30 minutes around me).

AND THEY JUST ADDED MORE (hoop) CLASSES. I'm dying here. There is too much for me to want to take.

Incandescence Productions and Terrapin Hill Farm bring you..

FLOW CAMP 2011!!!

Ever had dreams of performing in front of a crowd, running away with the circus or just picking up a healthy, fun hobby??

Join us at Terrapin Hill Farm in Harrodsburg, Ky for a weekend of learning, growing, and PLAY! Challenge yourself to something new with one of our 25 instructors!

Flow Camp 2011 will feature workshops Friday and Saturday all day long with instructors from around the region.

Double staff
Contact staff
Flow wand
Belly dance
Break Dance
Fire dancing
...and MORE!!!!!

Beginners welcome.. in fact, ENCOURAGED!!

Come give and share in the growing flow arts community around you.

FRIDAY- Workshops all day starting at noon! Fire show, and music at night!

Saturday- Workshops at noon! Variety Show performed by instructors, fire show again! FLOW CAMP FORMAL starts at 10pm! Dress up and come show off your new tricks!!

Sunday- Wake up to music and your new found family. Workshops including how to make poi and hoops and more!!

Music by :
DJ Elix
DJ Goast
Lurchimus Maximus
Big Booty Swing Band
DJ Matt Anthony

Drum circles, good music, yoga, photoshoots, and MORE!!!

$80 presale
$150 bring-a-friend presale
$100 at door

Shannon said...

Oh there is a little fancy write up about it on some local website I've never heard of:

KymSpins said...

WOW! That is quite the line up and sounds pretty much phenomenal... I am a bit bummed though bc I have a new workshop/class that I am setting up AND getting back to the farmers market during that time. Groan... oh real life happens again. Still, a pretty charmed one - but WOW this looks epic. You are going to have a WONDERFUL TIME! Please take an obscene number of photos...

Shannon said...