Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today's Hoop Break, Accented in Red

God, I love taking photographs. I think it is the only thing that wrestles with hooping as my favorite past time. That's another reason I am (oh so) looking forward to Hoop Path - there will be so many others for me to capture with my camera.  

As it stands now, I mindlessly take photos all day. It makes everything beautiful. 

I hooped outside this morning after finishing up packing and the second round of dye, but good God it is way too freaking hot here now. I open the door and the bugs scramble for the air conditioning. It's making me very wary about my upcoming Florida visits... in July. 


I think I will just focus on North Carolina and Maine for now


Anonymous said...

Love the turquoise hair! It's gorgeous!

KymSpins said...

<3 hehehe it makes me happy. Thank you soooo much miss!!