Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tracing Circles in the Air: Hoop Path Video Inspiration

I was first turned on to two point or vertical tracing a little bit ago when Ann uploaded this video. I watched it, and was impressed as usual - but quickly moved on to other things that I was trying to master at the time. Having her explain more about tracing in person made a world of difference. Now I find myself revisiting this video again and again for inspiration and ideas on how to explore and experience the feel of the hoop in space and understand it's interactions with the changeable axises of my body. 

Maybe I am biased, but I feel like there has been a shift in the hoop world recently. There is such an emphasis on tricks, tricks, tricks, tricks. Combos! FLASHY! WOO HOO! And really, who am I to judge?  Whatever resonates with someone is a personal experience, unchangeable by any other and relevant only to themselves. I have just always felt an affinity towards these deceptively simple looking (emphasis on deceptive - it's very difficult), graceful pieces that are about flow and dance without all the flashy spectacle. 

Inspiration from today. To keep the memory of all I learned alive


claudiahays said...

tracing, where have you been all my life?

and ohmygod first-tree pinch breaks. ohmygod.

KymSpins said...

I KNOW!!!! I WAS ALL OVER THOSE THINGS TODAY! tracing is hella hard but to beautiful not to keep going and those pinch breaks make me SO. DAMN. HAPPY.