Friday, June 10, 2011

Vicarious Living

I have to move in a couple months and a primary factor in any decision will be what kind of hoop space an apartment has. A realistic budget precludes anything like the following open space dream worlds - but, I hope to at least get white walls, big windows and a sizable living room. 

I've never had a consistent indoor space to hoop that wasn't terrible for the job. I am sure I'm not alone. For now, I will dream of indoor hoop sessions with natural light streaming in and not one crash into intrusive furniture, ceilings or walls. Ah, dreamy.

The first and last are definitely my favorite. I like things that look sparse rather than fancy. When I first moved into my current apartment I went the first 6 months with only one camping chair as the sum total of my furniture so that I could maximize my hoop space. It was terrible for entertaining, but oh how I miss being able to spin all around the apartment unimpeded 

all images via tumblr


claudiahays said...


I've begun warning my friends with larger apts and homes that I am not to be blamed when stopping by unannounced for the sole purpose of using their space to hoop. True vicarious living.

KymSpins said...

come by unannounced any time of day. If I could fill a large spacious loft with hoopers and sunlight my life would be complete. mmmmm

Shannon said...

Yeah I like first one best.