Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Watercolor Fluff

Remember awhile back when I said I wanted a tutu? Yeah, that is definitely still true. 
I mean, look at that!I only wish I had more time before Hoop Fest New England to get my ducks in a row enough to think about new costumes and clothing. 

Alas that is not the case. 
In fact, I am not even bothering to unpack from Hoop Path. 
Laundry then back in the bag. And tutus probably aren't the most camping friendly attire


Shannon said...

When is hoopfest? I'd make you a poor man's version of a tutu for you! Something like that but in colors you like:

- C. said...

when you get up here - we shall have a hunt for tutus day. plannnnn.

claudiahays said...

KymSpins said...

oh man look at all this great advice - i will SO have a tutu soon!