Friday, July 1, 2011

Camp Wear: Inspiration & Fruition

Hoop Fest is going to require more flowy, 'okay if it gets dirty' type clothing than Hoop Path. We'll be outside working up a sweat for most of each day and I want to be comfortable - because nothing kills the hoop vibe more than feeling like your clothes are strangling you.  

Yesterday I took an old Alice Temperley top that I haven't worn in years (why did I buy something with such puffy sleeves?) and made it into a lil' cropped vest. Awesome for keeping a bit more sun off my shoulders without feeling like I am being burned alive in a heavy jacket. Worked well with a simple red dress from Target along with a maroon scarf tied around it just to keep it interesting. 

And hey, the best part about this whole sequence? I was taking pics while I waited for my coffee to be ready (as you can see, it's a-brewing in some of these pics.) Mmmm... all finished. 

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