Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Finding a Place to Hoop In Brighton

Fourth of July in Brighton consisted of making art projects with the wunderkatzen, Mr. Miles, and then searching for a secret place to hoop. Wandering around the brick buildings, all sandwiched together and looking in on one another, I couldn't help but feel I was walking around the Rear Window set. 
Ah, If only. 

We found a place atop the boiler room but were soon shooed away. And that's when we found out it was the top of the boiler room - so, really, I was fairly happy for the change of plans. This left us travelling around aimlessly searching for a place that wasn't a driveway. We finally decided on a small patch of grass that I think  was trying to pass as a 'park.' We got a few revolutions in before the cook out crowd arrived and we scurried home to find the art cat the same as he ever was - sprawled and waiting for inspiration. 


claudiahays said...

at least you two look pretty (wonderfully) adorable throughout your search. Keep it up. o.O

KymSpins said...

heheheh thank ye thank ye. Yes there was a lot of... hrmm? hrmm? humming about while looking for some place newwww

Happy and House Poor said...

I heart the art-cat, soo reminds me of my nifty-cat!