Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hoop Fest: Over Prepared (is an Understatement)

Who knew that this picture
would end up being so relevant
Well damn, I'm ready to go. 

Cyndi and I are all packed up. We have everything we need: epic, (child-sized) fox shaped camping chairs, giant fluffy pillows, sun screen, bug spray, and radtastic hoop clothes.  Snacks? Check. Hoops? Check. All logistics = in order. I was up before 6am this morning in anticipation for the day of travel ahead.

As I was drinking my morning coffee and daydreaming about blue skies in Maine, that lovely and amazing sister of mine was going over the details of our Amtrak tickets.  While she took care of the business end of things, I pulled up the schedule for Hoop Fest to see what would be happening first. I was blissfully thinking about tonight's evening workshop led by Malcolm when she said, in her typical deadpan, "hey - this is on the 7th."

me: "What?" 

"Like the event. It, uh, starts on the 7th. 

me: (still not getting it) uh huh! :) 

Today is the 6th."

me: "Oh my gosh, we have to change the train tickets and everything!"

And after the most subtle of eye rolls she answered, "no dude. Our tickets are for the 7th."

me: (after taking a sip of coffee and scanning the pile of packed up nonsense we have all ready to go) "so we don't even... uh... leave today."


I can see it now: pink and blue haired twins, doing our signature fast walks as we lug a HUGE suitcase, two foxed shaped camping chairs and clanking colored hoops and arrive at the camp site only to find an empty, open space. Maybe a lonely cricket chirps in the background. Desolate. Alone. And there we would have stood. Okay, maybe a bit dramatic. 

But still, it was a rather hilarious realization that happened before our cab got here (heyoooo), so it all worked out in the end. Yep. Twenty four hours early. We. Rock. 

Sometimes there are just those people in your life that you don't feel a need to double check things when you are with them. Much like a recent journey where my friend and I confidently (and chronically) took every wrong turn - there are times when it all makes sense in your head  - and - that the person with you understands maybe a little too well. There's reality, and then there's the reality in which I live.

And well... all I can say is thanks Cyn - because in typical Kym style I wasn't sweating the details (like. uh, ya know... the day the event starts) and was already head-in-the-clouds happy about getting to hoop for another four days. 

Today is a day for rest (apparently) and I must say it's great to already be ready. 

Tomorrow, hoop fest. Until tomorrow. 


Shannon said...

Are you suuuuuure it's tomorrow?

KymSpins said...

bwhaha! DONT MAKE ME DOUBT MYSELF - ! My mind may splode. hahahah. :) yeah, im a rockstar and doubly checked lots now. Cause i am smoooooth as can be. aww yeah.

claudiahays said...

now you have time for rainbowed hair. gogo rainbow go.

amy said...


- C. said...

we are the coolest ever. FACT.

Happy and House Poor said...

brighter side, those fox chairs ROCK! I want to see a pic of the twins in their fox chairs please.