Monday, July 25, 2011

Learning from Nick, and Looking for New

Now, we all know he's good - nothing new there. But, as I am on my new hoop daily mission - inspiration will be key so I am trying to compile a decent playlist of videos from which to draw. Is there anything worse than starting practice and realizing, "wow... there isn't anything I want to do." 
Vortex. Vortex. Weave. Kill me.

Of course, I never really feel into practice until at least 20 clock-watching minutes have passed. Gotta pay my dues. 

I like Nick's use of chest rolls and the elevator in this vid - they are still very much in the flow, something with which I struggle when using those moves. Haha! Something new to try! 

Anyone out there have a video to contribute to the inspiration files? Eh? EH? I need something other than Ann, Baxter and Brecken's hoop demo vid! 


claudiahays said...

his movements are so clean and pretty. and I love his jump-throughs.

fuck, all I want to do anymore are jump-throughs. need to practice other movements. but probably won't. o wells.

Tilly Whirls said...

His hooping makes me want an atomic so bad.

KymSpins said...

I KNOW! It is so freakin sweet. motivates me to make zee monies

Nicole said...

Guy hoopers are great, I love the isolations.

Here is my favorite hoop video of the moment: I just love how her moves go so well with the music, and she looks so happy too!