Monday, July 25, 2011

Time to Get Serious

That's it. It's time.

I have got to get back in the hoop. Many moons ago, thanks to the 30 Day Hoop Challenge, hooping became a daily habit. Sometimes it would be 20-30 minutes of boppin' around while others would turn into hours of inspiration and getting lost in the spin. It stayed that way for several months, with the daily practice being responsible for my most transformative hoop year. 

Then there was a break from routine - deadly for most parts of said routine. (Which is why, I love routine.)

After all the travel my body simply got used to missing some hoop days. With record high heat indexes here for the past week, I decided that skipping a few more days was probably in my best interest. 

Welp, I didn't die of heatstroke but - I. feel. awful. 

Okay, maybe 'awful' is strong - more correctly, I don't feel like me. Hooping daily is something that is wonderful for my body, yes, but much more importantly, the meditative, mind quieting movement keeps my head screwed on straight. 

... and now I feel like it's a little wobbly. 

Excuses not to practice are very often true and relevant. (Aren't those just 'reasons' then, Kym?) 
I was travelling. I will be again this week. I am about to move, and have several new projects in the works - but, really - being busy is exactly why hooping daily is so important. Feeling good makes every task feel so much easier to accomplish. 

This week I am starting a new goal of daily hoop practice (and reflection?) so that I may get back to the place where I thrive, both mentally and physically. 

I've missed ya, hoop. Glad to be back. 


- C. said...

yes yes... remember that 'excuses' are MANY times reasons...esp when it is weeks of travel and heat that has actually killed people. where is that link to the perfectionist blog post, eh?

claudiahays said...

it's so easy to forgo the hoop practice when it's hot and muggy and all I want to do is internet and eat popsicles. I should make this blogpost my homepage so whenever I get on the internet I'll feel guilty for not hooping.

perfect idea, yes?

Shannon said...

On August 1, I'm going to do my own personal 30/30. No excuses that moving, no "I don't have a backyard" excuse. Also, I need to start building some stamina. I can feel that the last month has drained it and I got to be ready for Flow Camp.