Friday, July 15, 2011

Visit the Glimmering City - Tilted Torch: Illuminopolis

Ah, time to get back to the local jaunts, yes? 

Now that I am finally cooling my heels in VA for a few weeks it's time to check in with what is happening 'round these parts. Awhile ago I had the pleasure of attending Tilted Torch: The Bipolar Show and was completely blown away by the showmanship, talent and effervescence of the entire crew and cast. Basically, after exiting, Will and I danced to the car. (What's that? Why yes they do serve alcohol at the show - why do you ask?) But seriously, that is the kind of energy I want to take away from a a production.

With that in mind I am STOKED to go and see their next offering: Illuminopolis 

[from their facebook page]

As darkness descends on the city, the natural light fades and the unusual lights start to glow. Lights appear in extraordinary places and in an abundance of color. These lights move, flow, and float through space. 

Welcome to Illuminopolis... 

During this radiant evening, we will explore light in many of its forms: visible (LED and incandescent); ultraviolet (blacklight); and the most primal form of light, fire. Illuminopolis is a glorious melding of burlesque, music, dance, and all things light. Utilizing glowing costuming and fiery props, the performers will whisk the audience away to a glimmering city where they can leave their worries behind.

I'll have a full review after I see it on Sunday
Ya know it has to be pretty good if it makes me drag myself into the city. Goddamn parallel parking...

continue after the jump for links for info, tickets and directions

The remaining dates are:
Sunday July 17 @ 4:30 pm
Thursday July 21 @ 10:00 pm
Saturday July 23 @ 11:00 pm

and tix are only $17 - thank goodness!

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