Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Clock Watching

Sometimes I think - well geez, if you don't want to hula hoop today then don't - but, I said I was going to and gall dernit I am going to do what I told myself I would. 

Getting out of practice has made me forget just how good it feels to be in the regular routine - learning faster and getting stronger. I can't always have incredibly inspiring weeks, but I can do something every day. 

Doing something fun just feels fun. Doing something that I don't want to do feels like an accomplishment  - and that's the feeling that keeps me coming back. 

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- C. said...

a daily practice is a HUGE, HUGE commitment. soooo many days i wake up and absolutely Do Not want to haul over for another grueling yoga session. it is so very helpful that i can go to a room filled with other ashtangis who also show up ridiculously early, everyday. i've been inspired and impressed by your ability to commit to yourself without many other watchful eyes. seriously, kudos - as far as determination goes, you've got it in spades.

and yes, that feeling of accomplishment - nothing quite like it. :)