Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Day at the Market

This morning I am busy taping and taping new hoops for the West End Farmer's Market (10am-1pm) here in Alexandria, VA! It seems like a million years ago that I was at the Briggs Chaney Market getting drenched,  but still having a blast. I am bringing the knowledge gleaned from that experience to this market and am glad that I have prepared: 

- many, many tester hoops - 
kids + hoops is a great combo - but their enthusiasm can sometimes result in damaged hoops that go unpurchased. This time around I will bring lots and lots of hoops for play, and will hang up any of the 'for sale' merchandise

-lots of cards!

- info about hooping
this time around I want to have an info sheet about hooping. I forget how strange a concept 'hooping' can be to non hoopers, and this way folks have something to take home with them to learn more. 

- more hoops for kids
they are much more likely to throw inhibitions to the wind and give the hoops a whirl. Parents usually become spectators, and it's tough when the only hoop left for a curious 7 year old is a 42" behemoth bigger than the poor kid himself! They usually do pretty well even with the largest of hoops, but I feel safer having something more appropriately sized available. 

- ability to accept credit card payments
The Square. It is slightly bigger than a postage stamp, hooks right into your phone - and makes accepting credit cards simple and fast! Farmer's markets are some of the last places that people consciously bring cash, but for those (like me) who operate cash-free - this is a fantastic option!

If you are in town - come and check it out! Info and directions available at

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Shekinah said...

I have never heard of that square thing. Brilliant!