Thursday, August 4, 2011

Everything I Love

Boots gifted to me from a friend - I always feel the most myself when I am wearing clunky boots, heatwave or not. (I also think it's funny that the eye effect on the second one looks more edited than it is - I actually just blinked at the last second.)

The stuffed bear I have had since I was 3 years old. Now, I am sorry - but look at how well that old thing is holding up. My favorite thing about him is that he isn't smiling. In fact he looks sad, and serious - which I always appreciated as a kid. My teddy bear thinks deep thoughts.

Of course my lovely hoop - though this picture explains my relationship with it this week. Picking it up, throwing it down, getting frustrated, getting bored. 

Taking pictures, hooping, dressing up, deciding how to frame everything. 
There is a feeling that comes with creating something that is like no other. 

1 comment:

claudiahays said...

love those boots. plus the dress. plus the everything (stuffed bear is so wonderful).

have almost identical pair of boots. I love them and yearn for colder weather.