Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fighting Osteoporosis with the Hoop!

"You'll break your hip if you don't start taking meds." 

That's what 57-year old Pam Theobold heard three years ago when her doctor diagnosed her with osteoporosis. Rather than start the medication Pam decided to try exercise, but soon got bored with weight lifting and mindless walking on the treadmill.  She decided to give the hoop a try after seeing a woman on TV hooping. 

Friendlier looking, more colorful, and cheaper solution than medication. 
Picture via flickr

After one year of consistent hooping she revisited her doctor. Imagine her surprise when it was reported that she had the bones of a "35-year old" and she showed no further bone loss! Hooping had significantly helped slow the signs of her osteoporosis! 

Uhm. Wow! 

Pam, now better known as HoopDeeDo has been a hoop instructor for over two years now and has a great website with endless resources for tutorials and videos. Here is some great twin practice: 

Definitely check out HoopDeeDo for tutorials as she commits to doing a new one each week and already has a massive catalog of beginner and advanced moves. 

Way to go Pam! Quite the inspiration. Quite.  

Check out the Hoop Dee Do website
More about Hooping and Osteoporosis on


Anonymous said...

Yes, I love her! She is such an inspiration.

KymSpins said...

I know! I love her whole story! It makes me so happy