Friday, August 5, 2011

Forever Young

Sometimes you just want to feel like a little kid again. Never the kid you actually were, of course; but that idealized, free and happy child that you would be, should you retain knowledge of everything you know now.

There is no uniform more appropriate for the adult-child than that of the hippie. Colorful, dangly beads - like the costume jewelry borrowed from grandma years ago. That loose, slightly dirty feel of everything that gives the idea of play clothes - the kind specifically worn to get dirty and go on adventures.

My birthday is coming up this month.

Right now the plans are to make a rainbow cake, construct a fort in the back yard, and for all intents and purposes, just spend a night playing dress-up.

Never is the desire to feel young stronger than when you are getting older.

....rainbow cake. I can't wait.


claudiahays said...

I want to be at your birthday with rainbow cake and dress up dance parties.

KymSpins said...

and forts. don't forget forts.
i want you to be at my bday gathering. badly. oh god... the amount of fun and ridiculousness that would take place.

...and the pictures. OH THE PICTURES!

- C. said...

rainbow cake and bracelets enough to go around.