Friday, August 12, 2011

Purple Haze [of Nostalgia]

Today, I was cleaning out my storage closet in preparation for the move and - after quite some struggle - managed to untangle the 30 hoops that live in there. Some of them are my old ones, with memories of when they were my favorites; others are ready to sell, but all are bright, shiny and covered in every color in the rainbow. Seeing these gems made me miss the taped-hoop days. 

I remember a long time ago reading something that Beth Lavinder said about taped vs. non taped hoops. The exact words escape me, but she said something about taped hoops being beautiful but unusable to her now. At the time I couldn't imagine not being able to use a taped hoop. Huh? But now, here we are. 

I think this wave of nostalgia is brought on by the new hoopers seemingly popping up everyday and going through all the things I went through in the beginning. ("I WILL get the vortex!!," "SooOoooOOooo many hoop bruises!", "I now bring my hoop with me everywhere...," etc.)

So great to witness the beginning journey for others. 
Community is a wonderful thing. 

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