Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today, I Finally Felt Like Hooping Again

Things have been insane lately. IN. SANE.

With all of life's craziness spinning around me, hooping has been the farthest thing from my mind. No matter what video I watched, what pictures I posted, or moves I thought about trying - I just didn't enjoy my spin time. So, of course, after several days of short and painfully dull hoop sessions - I just stopped. My hoops hung on the wall, untouched, for days. (HeLLLOOOoooo Oveerrr there Hoops!  Echo. Echo.)

Ugh. You know those times when you have so much to do but no clue about how to start so you just end up sitting and doing nothing for way too long. 

... and usually checking tumblr and facebook far too often.  So. Horrid. 

(Side note: Will we still have our facebook accounts years from now? Are those the photo albums our children will go through as I did with my mom's old-fashioned book bound albums? These are the things I think about when I check the newsfeed for the 1,000th time, and realize that I have had a facebook for five years now and many of my memories are stored only there. Anyway...) 

Perhaps inspired by copious computer time, today I FINALLY felt like taking my hoop for a spin. BAMF! And yeaaah... it was a 15 minute hoop session, but at least I was actually having fun. It's no milestone by any means, but LORDY LORDY when every time I have been picking up my hoop has totally and completely SUCKED, it was heavenly to notice myself smiling  as I was boppin' about today. 

What changed? 

Well... I had finally stopped telling myself that I was "going to hoop" every morning, and just sort of took the day as it came. (Reminder # 45986000000 of not making lists for every minute.) I also found some truly wonderful new music, which is always a sure fire bet to get back in the groove. 

How do you guys stay motivated during those inevitable 'off' times? Just let it go? Try harder? 

In truth, I know I am over thinking it. Most likely on purpose to distract myself from everything up-and-coming. In 8 days, I will turn 25. In 3 weeks I move. With the move coming up I am going to have to let a few of my hoop classes go - meaning new methods of income are needed. (Which, I didn't mean to sound as creepy as it did.)

All in all, yes, life may be crazy - an inescapable truth forever and always - but hoop sessions like today's remind me that there are little pockets of calm all around and that will never change. 


Anonymous said...

I just let it go. I used to get discouraged and wonder, "Oh no! Was it just a phase? What if I forget how to do everything? I'm never going to get better if I don't practice. Maybe I'm nota real hooper if I don't want to hoop every day... " but I have since learned that just creates more demands and makes me dislike hooping if it's something I have to do. If I treat it more like a hobby, then I feel the freedom to ebb and flow with my desires. Feel like hooping? Let's do it! Don't feel like hooping? That's okay too.

And of course for those times where I WANT to hoop but just am not feeling it... ya, new music is usually all it takes. (and I spend three days and tons of hours searching youtube for the perfect song to get back into the mood, hehe).

claudiahays said...

stoked to hear that you are finding yourself in the hoop again. 15 minutes in the summer time can feel like forever. especially when there is zero inspiration or flow spilling out through your fingertips.

my rut (somewhat) improved last night as I was LED hooping in my bedroom while everyone slept around 3 AM. It's been difficult getting nil alone time with my hoops as of late. especially now with light-up hoop of doom. it's a conversation starter, you know?

jealous of your new music. lusting for a music fest (any of which I haven't attended in over a year) so as to have lovely live music to jam away the night away to.

holy fuck your birthday. happy fort/rainbow cake time is only a week away?! crazypants.

Shannon said...

Where are you moving to? Same place or a new town?