Thursday, August 18, 2011

Twenty Five; It's Official

^^ Amazing Birthday Card. 
OH YES! Thanks to the lovely and talented twirlingflutterby.

Today Cyndi and I are gearing up for yoga in the yard, hula hoop lessons, fort logistics, and rainbow cake makery. I certainly feel 25....

Tales and pictures are assured, and I can't wait for today's adventure. I am sure the visions in my head won't match reality (especially with my notoriously bad cake frosting skills) but those bumps in the road usually turn out as the best parts of the story. 

let it begin!


claudiahays said...

what else is there to do when you turn 25? I feel as though you are being ultra-appropriate with the happenings and goings-ons of your quarter-century birthday shenanigans.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday :D